Me doing a Jojo pose

About this blog\story

   This blog is about my adventure and experiences as a student in Japan. I will be writing in a number of categories such as: Japan and it's culture(including sub-culture), Life in Japan, Tips and advice's, Life being a student.
   Every post written is based upon my experience and knowledge. Therefore everything written should not be taken word for word.
   This blog is also about my personal story as I go through life. 

About the main character

   His name is Munkh born in Mongolia. Lived in Mongolia until graduating high school. Now living in Japan as a student. Munkh is a very cheerful, optimistic, adventurous, energetic, eccentric, fun loving and sometimes childish fellow. Very open and curious and always looks at things in various angles. When needed he changes to his other calm mannered, collected and more serious self.
   If he really wants to do something he enters a "special" mode in order to accomplish it, oblivious to the obstacles or hardship only god can stop him in this mode.
   Activities he likes to do include: creating, making things, making videos, taking photographs, playing video games, blogging, business, anime, and most fun and exciting stuff.

iPhone 4S Camer, Gorilla tripod

Those who don't know Mongolia general report I