Friday, July 19, 2013

Cops and Robbers midnight Ikebukuro

Hello everyone.

In the not so dark night streets somewhere in Ikebukuro we had a game of cops and robbers.
Was great fun and workout. I hadn't ran this much for a long time. I definitely couldn't run like I used to back when I was kid. Need to work out more! >.<

Not much running action in this video. Only me standing around and talking. I could't take videos while running.
Keidoro is what people usually call the game. Its a fusion of the Japanese words police and thief
警察(kei-satsu)Police, Cop + 泥棒(doro-bou)Robber,Thief =けいどろ(keidoro)

I set up camp in the middle of the place, restores energy faster.

Catch ya later.


  1. You posted this at 3 in the morning.. Haha.. Good reading! Are you still in Japan?

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