Monday, January 21, 2013

Trip to Tokyo Tower nightview

Went to see 東京タワー(tou-kyou-tawaー)Tokyo Tower in December last year. It was my first time even though I've been here for quite some time now (^_^;). Been wanting to go there but never had my chance until now. Didn't really stay for long though.

  Some information about 東京タワー.
Basically Tokyo Tower is a 大きい(oo-kii)Big アンテナ(antena)Antenna. Constructed in 1958(pretty old) and standing 333 meters tall it is the 2nd tallest building in Japan. Tokyo Sky Tree is now the tallest building at 634 meters. It has 2 展望台(ten-bou-dai)Observation decks, and a lot of souvenir shops at the bottom and apparently a wax museum which I didn't see
 More detailed information at wiki and Tokyo Towers official page they have a nice introduction video so check it out (beware of their mascot characters ヽ(゚Д゚)ノ)

Located at Minato-ku in Tokyo

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Getting closer to the タワー. Has a very nice orange yellowish lighting.

Going through some dark alleys.

Imagine that being ゴジラ(gojira)Godzilla peeking. I'd make millions with this picture ψ(`∇´)ψ

And finally smack dab right at the bottom. You know that feeling when something looks so small from afar and when you get close you get overwhelmed by the size.

View from the 1st 展望台 at 150 meters. I love views from high places. Look at the building at the bottom right area, it'll come again later on. Night shots are hard on the iPhone 4S camera app. Think I'll try out different camera apps later.

I didn't notice the reflections after I took this photo at the time (>_<) sorry.

Tokyo Sky Tower is in this photo. It's the pointy thing in the middle area. I got carried away seeing things myself and didn't take a lot of photos ( ; ; ). I will come back and focus on taking photos for you guys next time.

In Japan they have shrines at 333 meters in the sky  w(°o°)w

From here on it's from the 2nd 展望台 at 250 meters it's the tallest point you can go. Buildings look much more smaller. 頂上(chyou-jyou)the Top or summit.

The colorful bridge you see afar is the Rainbow Bridge Tokyo. Will take a closer look at it someday

There's the building I mentioned earlier. Hope you get a better feeling of the different views.

The white line of lights you see in the middle is I think Illumination lights. This was before Christmas and New Years so Illuminations are everywhere.

Found the glass floor, but as you can see the lights ruined the experience. Felt like I was just standing on a plastic table with lights under it. o(>< )o

Here you can leave a bag with a camera on the street unattended ( ̄ー ̄).

That's it for the 東京タワー photos. Now just photos I took on the way

Big blue eye bulging on the wall of the 地下鉄(chi-ka-te-tsu)Subway with a shadowy figure in the middle. Creepy yet interesting. 気味の悪い(ki-mi-no-waru-i)Creepy.

Some of the subway lines under Tokyo have these guard walls to prevent people from falling on to the rails and becoming ..... (ノдヽ)

And that is it folks thanks for dropping by.

それじゃ(sorejya)See ya ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

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