Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sakura - Cherry Blossom Spring in Japan

It's already April now and  桜(sakura)Cherry blossom's are blooming all over Japan. 春(haru)Spring is finally here and Tis the start of a new elementary/middle/high school, university, work year. As all of you may already know a school year or work year in Japan starts from April (in Mongolia a school year starts in September).
  花見(hanami)Flower Viewing is a traditional Japanese custom of enjoying and appreciating the beauty of flowers(mostly sakura's). It is done every spring when the Sakura's are in full bloom. 花見 can be considered a once in a year event because all the 桜 bloom at around the same period and last for about a week until falling.

It'd be a shame if I missed 花見 season, so when I got the chance I immediately dashed to 上野(ue-no)Ueno+公園(kou-en)Park=Ueno Park near Ueno station.
And as expected it was full of people.

After wandering around a few minutes I finally caught the scent of the 桜's and found them (this is actually my first time here). People eating lovely bento's all around.

And to the main stream surrounded by 桜's. These 桜's are called 染井吉野(some-i-yoshi-no)Somei-Yoshino and is the most popular type of 桜 tree.

You know it's kinda hard to take pictures in the middle of a moving crowd.

桜's with the sky as background. I'm really helpless without any zoom. Digital zoom is not even worth using. With this view this would be a very relaxing place for a nap(adding to my to-do list).

Was a very nice hot sunny day thank goodness for the shade. 晴れの日(ha-re-no-hi)Clear day(with no clouds).

Almost like a tunnel of 桜's.

Trying to use the sun to my advantage.

Found a hidden cameraman from NHK. 

People were having picnics everywhere with their friends and family's. Since Hanami is at the same period of a new work or school year many company's do welcoming party's for their new employees and do Hanami events. Some of the areas seemed to be reserved. I think this was the best area. Ooo~h How I wanted to jump in and take a nap

Enjoy the 桜 view, and don't mind the alien aircraft in the background ^^

The road to Ueno 動物園(dou-butsu-en)Zoo. I will definitely check it out in the future. They have Panda-ren's there!.

The 桜's were in full bloom all around. 満開(man-kai)Full Bloom.

People taking snaps of the 桜. I thought there would be more people with big cameras. I think smartphone's are taking over. 

Found this 桜 petal that had fallen on my wrist.

桜 trees are really pretty, but when you look at them in a large number they're even more prettier.

More people enjoying their picnic. I've noticed that almost everyone was drinking beer or wine even though its daytime but I think they enjoy 花見 better with some beer or sake. For me it would be soda or Ramune ^^.

桜 plus tiki totem. Interesting combination don't you think?

Tokyo Sky Tree in the distance.The new tallest tower of Japan opening in May 22 to the public. Automatically on my to-go lists.

Going down to a small lake I spotted. But first I have to pierce through that defense-line. I'll use the Going-Through-Yui tactic.


桜 trees on the other side too.

Ducks enjoying 花見 and the free food.

Very interesting tree. Reminded me of Pocahontas(disney).

That tree in a way goes well with the 桜 tree. 

Finally found a tree that I could reach and get a close-up shot. Having said that it was still tall that I had to raise my arms straight up and take the shot almost blindly, I could barely see the screen.

Oops too close ^.^';

3 is the way to go!.

I noticed that 桜's are always in 5+ groups like this. This was at a perfect spot not too tall.

Interesting bus BUS!.

Finished a lap around Ueno Park and going back. This concludes our 花見 trip through Ueno Park.
See Ya.

A preview of the next post I'm going to make. Sakura Road near my school.


  1. Nice post. Keep up the good work dude.
    And you wear a PINK sweater? ^^

  2. Wow so beautiful!
    I'm so jealous of you!~

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