Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mochi Tsuki - Japanese Rice Cake Making

Back in January we made and ate Mochi or Japanese Rice cake at our school. Was a fun event and perfect opportunity to show you guys how Mochi or rice cake is made.

With the 餅(mochi)=Rice Cake we made, we made these mochi balls with あんこ(anko)=Bean Paste inside and covered with 黄粉(kina-ko)=Soybean flour. This is a popular mochi snack in Japan called 蕨餅(warabi-mochi)=Bracken Mochi. Usually they're square shaped but round ones are easier to make ^^

Ok first let's have a look at our tools. This is our Main two-hand mace which we will use to make the 餅(mochi). It is called 杵(kine)=Pestle.
Specifications: Lvl-5; Damage points-25-30; Dps-5.8; Attack speed-2.7sec Weight~3kg

Would anyone be interested if I made a video of me hopping around and whacking stuff with this >.>

This is our Anti-Ballistic Mortar. It is called 臼(usu)=Mortar. We smash the 餅(mochi) in this. You have to moisten it with water first. This one is a wooden version, there are also big stone versions.

Mochi are not made by the same rice we cook everyday. They're made by a special more sticky rice which apparently can be cooked in a normal rice cooker and looks exactly like normal rice

Getting ready for some epic-mochi-pounding-action. This is the traditional way of Mochi making and is called 餅つき(mochi-tsuki)=Mochi-Pounding.

To explain it in a simple way to make 餅(mochi) or Rice Cake you would just mash it in to a pulp using the pestle and mortar. It's just like making mashed potatoes...only with rice and in a bigger scale.

You have to have strength and skill in maces to make Mochi. Also you need a partner.
To make Mochi:
First you gently mash all the cooked Rice by pressing down with your pestle. If you strike them without mashing the rice to a certain degree first there will be angry rice flying everywhere. So press and mash them first. After mashing all the rice to a whole pulp,this is were the fun part starts. You mash the pulp further this time by striking with full force. The pulp tends to stick to the mortar so after each swing your partner will have to dip their hand in water and quickly turn the pulp. Continue to do this seamlessly until your Rice becomes like mashed potatoes. Be careful not to whack your partner and give him a flat hand.
It's best to show you, so here is a video compilation of Mochi Tsuki Japanese Rice Cake making.

And that be it. Enjoy whacking.



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