Monday, January 9, 2012

Very easy potato salad recipe perfect for students

This time I'm going to roughly show you how to make Potato salad great for fellow students. When life gives you a lot of potatoes and carrots you should make this. It's very easy to make and you can make a batch of it and save to eat for later.

Here is what we're going to make. This batch I made lasted 4 days. I ate it daily little by little with lunch and dinner. Although this is a salad it has good amounts of protein thanks to the eggs, ham, and potatoes. It is recommended for people with a hefty appetite and little time.

Here are the Ingredients:
Potatoes- 5
Carrot- 1 big one
 Eggs(boiled)- 4
Round onion- 1
Ham sausage or bologna sausage that you can dice- about half of the one shown above.
Mayonnaise- I have no Idea ~_~. Believe in your inner voice.

Some optional ingredients are canned green peas and pickles. I recommend adding pickles I didn't add this time because I couldn't find them ^.^;
The quantity of the ingredients are up to you depending on how much you want to make. But I think Potatoes-50% Carrots-25% Eggs-10% Ham-10% Onion-5% is best.

Before you start boil the eggs first, boil for about 12 minutes. After boiling them put into cold water and cool them.

First you slice & dice all the vegetables to1x1cm cubes. After that boil all the vegetables for about 30 minutes to cook them, stirring them time to time. You can add a pinch of salt, it gives them more flavor.

After cooling the eggs slice them in to small cubes. First slice the egg in half and then into small cubes. And slice them don't chop them.
Slice the onions and ham into small cubes too (forgot to take pic).

Put all the ingredients into a big bowl. This is where you add all the spice and sauces.

Add the mayonnaise and while your at it you might as well should draw a face ^w^ and take a picture. Note I added more mayonnaise after taking this picture. You can also add sugar to give it a sweet taste. After everything's in the bowl mix mix and mix GENTLY.

After mixing it should look something like this. And your done. This isn't a proper recipe but I hope you understood it all ^-^
This potato salad is very common in Mongolia and is called "Capital salad".

Also a great addition to your bento.

I love this salad! over.


  1. (MergenManiac)

    Nicely done bro!! Although I might suggest chopping the onions small as possible, at least .3cm cube. Big chunk of onions -onions unevenly distributed throughout the salad- give off strong acidic taste that spoils the taste (kind of tongue burn).

    hmmmm, I'm gonna use ham instead of fried beef next time. Beef never really tasted good with this salad.

    The salad goes pretty good with dumplings/buuz *wink wink bento idea

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