Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Famous Japanese Drink Ramune

I was just checking around the local stores nearby and found THIS!

It is called ラムネ(ra-mu-ne) and is famous for it's unique bottle design. First introduced in the 19th century and became a very popular drink nationwide in Japan. Due to its unique alien like bottle design it was particularly popular among young ones. It's popularity has decreased in modern times but it has become an iconic symbol of  summer in Japan and is widely consumed during the warm days.
*Required level to drink 5+*

I took this on the iPhone 4S camera with HDR enabled. Turned out quite good If I do say so myself ^.^
You can find Ramune being sold in small local snack stores around Japan. The local store in which I bought mine was run by an old couple, was very friendly and the old man still had the salesman spirit telling me this and that is very tasty and good.

Inspection of the bottle. Not very visible but there is a glass ball inside plugging the bottle. Subdue it, and you may drink it.

The pink thing is the Ramune specialized bottle opener tool. Now all you have to do is give it a good iron palm strike to open it.

Here is How to open Ramune.
Ramune tastes pretty good. Kinda like Mitsuya Cider or you can say it tastes like carbonated lemonade. There seems to be Ramune with different flavors but I haven't seen any yet.

This alien like bottle design is what caught many curious eyes. Invented by Hiram-Codd and dubbed Codd-neck bottle. Wiki link > here <
I like the design too. The glass ball rattling inside and the feeling of wanting to take it out makes it fun in a way.

Those two dents that looks like eyes have a very important role. You need it to stop the glass ball from clogging up the bottle when you drink

Like this. You have to skillfully stop the glass ball on the dent to keep the drink flowing into your mouth. Drinking Ramune for the first time is like a mini puzzle game.

Yes! Thanks to high-tech modern screw cap technology you can take out the glass ball with ease! ^.^ . The first time I saw Ramune and the glass ball I thought of breaking the glass ^.^'' .

And here it is "The Glass Ball"...My precious......

Oh so bright and shiny... This is also taken with HDR enabled. Sun hidden behind glass ball

From the same position as the above picture letting the sun peak out just a little bit and focusing on the light made a big difference to the photo. Experimenting with photography is fun.
*Photography skills increased by 50pts*

Ramune also makes appearances in Anime's.

This is how I knew about Ramune in the first place hahaha.

*Puts glass ball inside mouth and disappears*


  1. Oh, such an interesting bottle. Lovely design, like it! Very fun too.

  2. (MergenManiac)

    wait, so the bottle is glass or plastic?(very much looks like plastic).

    The glass ball reminds me of those glass balls inside paint sprays. Always went into great trouble to get those out of those cans (usually by cutting the can open or making a hole). Very challenging task indeed but worth it.

  3. they are good,but expensive. $1.50 each,or around $8.00 6 pack at my local international food market.

  4. (MergenManiac)

    My own commercial

  5. i want to taste they looks good..............:)

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