Saturday, January 21, 2012

A Famous Japanese Drink Ramune

I was just checking around the local stores nearby and found THIS!

It is called ラムネ(ra-mu-ne) and is famous for it's unique bottle design. First introduced in the 19th century and became a very popular drink nationwide in Japan. Due to its unique alien like bottle design it was particularly popular among young ones. It's popularity has decreased in modern times but it has become an iconic symbol of  summer in Japan and is widely consumed during the warm days.
*Required level to drink 5+*

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Student in Japan Vlog:1 Local street Bridge and a Phone booth

Alright From Yesterdays yesterdays yesterday I have decided to start video blogging or vlog for short. Don't worry I will not quit this blog.
When I take a video and want to upload it to Youtube I use up a lot of time trying to edit it and garnish it with some kind of background music. Because of this I end up shoving it down in my to-do list which is why I take a long time to update my Youtube channel. But no more!. From yesterdays yesterdays yesterday I will be uploading videos RAW no frying no burning and no garnishes. Of course from time to time I will add edited videos.

And so here is my first Vlog update with bridges, local streets and a phone booth.
Video taken by Iphone 4S=awesome.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Very easy potato salad recipe perfect for students

This time I'm going to roughly show you how to make Potato salad great for fellow students. When life gives you a lot of potatoes and carrots you should make this. It's very easy to make and you can make a batch of it and save to eat for later.

A&W Root Beer

Interesting find.

Was running around in a big store and found a very interesting and nostalgic drink. A&W Root Beer. A very strange drink that caught my eyes when I was 3 years younger. I always thought it was beer and never bothered with it until one day it somehow landed in my hands and I looked at the back of the can. No alcohol.