Monday, January 9, 2012

A&W Root Beer

Interesting find.

Was running around in a big store and found a very interesting and nostalgic drink. A&W Root Beer. A very strange drink that caught my eyes when I was 3 years younger. I always thought it was beer and never bothered with it until one day it somehow landed in my hands and I looked at the back of the can. No alcohol.

It was 130 Yen. And this is Original Made in USA with everything written in English. Caffeine free Low Sodium..etc
Tasted..... peculiarly strange.

The what's in this can contents label translation.


  1. (MergenManiac)

    cold root beer after a long, hot day =

  2. Ah Munkh, let me share the true secret of Root Beer.

    Root Beer has no alcohol because it is best when you add your own.

    Me, I prefer to add rough, cheap whiskey to it. You may prefer soju or vodka.

    With this, the sweet flavor of Root Beer reminds you of candy, yet allows you to enjoy it in a purely adult manner.

    ... or maybe I'm just a drunkard. ;)