Sunday, December 25, 2011

Mcdonalds Chicken Tatsuta Burger

On this times Mcdonalds new limited time burgers we have the Chicken Tatsuta Burger.

The box is very similar to the Big Mac box. The Chicken Tatsuta burger is apparently a returning favorite burger. So it's technically not new, but It was my first time eating it.

Check out the CM

 And here it is the Chicken Tatsuta burger. Soy sauce and ginger coated chicken deepfried with thinly sliced cabbage and creamy tasty mayonnaise(i like). Plus the new 和風おろし(wa-fuu-oroshi) sauce. I don't know exactly how to translate it but I can explain it somehow.
和風 means Japanese-Style. So if I say "和風Toilet" it will mean "Japanese-Style Toilet". 和風+"any word"=Japanese-Style "any word". I hope you get it ^^ (I'm not sure if you can use it with any word though especially toilet.But if it's a noun then I think tis ok)
There is an explanation to the kanjis to but I'll explain it later when I get another chance.

The Oroshi(not orochi) sauce is a kind of paste sauce, made by grating radish.

Take a few bites and Enjoy. It tasted quite good. The chicken was delicious and the creamy mayonnaise sauce made it more tasty. The Wa-fuu-oroshi sauce like it's name really gave it a Japanese taste.
I wasn't really sure to put this. If you don't want to see bitten burger photos then tell me in the comments or if you want to see photos like this then  tell me.

Daily Japanese words:
おろし(oroshi)=Grated radish sauce (not really sure about this one people. there are more meanings I think)
マヨネーズ(mayoneezu)= Mayonnaise
チキン(chikin)=Chicken (katakana version)
(niwatori)=Chicken (japanese version)

There's a new burger coming to near Mcdonalds very soon. So stay tuned folks especially burger fans.

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