Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day in Japan 19: Christmas card making event

With our teacher me and a few classmates went to a Christmas card making event for foreign students.

This is Parco a chain of department stores that is mostly found near stations all around Japan. There are a wide variety of retailer stores in Parco, mostly clothe retailers. I've never seen a Parco that had Imax before. Somewhere in this building there is an Imax cinema. And somewhere in this building we are going to make Christmas cards.

Immediately we went to the 9/8th floor. We arrived there a bit early so we had some time to peek around.

I was thirsty and asked our teacher if there's a vending machine nearby. He said there is a free all-you-can-drink place right around the corner. With delight I went there and this is what I get. I should have guessed it. 

At least the vending machines were right beside the water fountain. I got meself drink #4.

The control panel of these vending machines were different from the normal ones. After inspecting it a bit I found out that it's for making the usage easy for disabled people. For example someone with a wheelchair who wants one of the drinks on top may not be able to reach the buttons, thus it has the buttons 1-10 on a lower level. Coin insertion has been made very easy too. Just drop you coins in the turquoise box. Pull down the yellowish lever and it will dispense your change. And I think if there is change left in the change box that you haven't taken then the green lamp will lit up to notify you.

The covers also open and close automatically.

Santa had sent his paper elf clone to help us. On the right he had written us our schedule for the day.

Our materials. Stickers, colored ropes, tape, colored paper, a white beard, markers, glue, polka-dots  scissors...etc. This brings back some memories of my childhood. I loved to make stuff like this.

First time me seeing a blue glue. . . it rhymes!. In the background you are seeing an origami Santa. It was pre-made by one of the students.

Our little secret room on the 9/8th floor somewhere inside Parco. Besides us there were a lot of other foreign students. There were 5 Japanese high school students who were helping out. I forgot to take a photo of the cards we made >.< I was kinda happy with the card I made hehe.

Us all. There were students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Inner Mongolia, New Zealand, China, Iran, Japan, Thailand, and Mongolia. That's 8 countries for you.

After the event we waited for the Japanese students to clean up (we helped). We agreed have dinner together and to just chat. And while waiting I noticed these boards with information and pictures of Russia.

Found a Russian cookbook!. Mmm Кулебяка(kulebyaka) very nostalgic and tasty too. Used to eat Russian food sometimes back in Mongolia. Russian food is pretty common in Mongolia although lately Korean food has become very popular. Which reminds me through all my trips around Japan I haven't seen a single Russian restaurant or cafe here.

When I was small I always wanted to try ringing these bells. And when I spotted this I couldn't resist. I should have made a video....maybe next time. That is not me you are seeing in the bell  >.>

And down the elevator we go, off to Saizeriya. They said it's an Italian family restaurant. Will be my first time going there.

Meat sauce Doria my order. Tasty and very hot at first I almost burned my tongue. These "Doria" dishes are very popular here. There are even bento versions of it. Find out more about Doria and it's history of arriving in Japan here

Rice dish with lots of Seafood. For some reason this reminded me of this scene from Mr.Bean. Start video from 1:17.

Black Spaghetti!! It's a Black Spaghetti!!. I asked how it tasted and he said it's very good. I'll have to try it later when I get the chance. Can you imagine what color his tongue turned after eating.
Overall I liked Saizeriya It's quite cheap and tastes pretty good. I'll have to make a post on it soon.

Japanese words of the day:
自動販売機(ji-dou-han-bai-ki)=Vending machine
料理本(ryou-ri-hon)=Recipe book
~階(~kai)= ~Floor. Ex:9/8th Floor



  1. Oh, nice post. I am reading the book Brothers (about 5-10 min a day when I heat my car) and Parco stores are built by one of brothers, Seiji. The railroad lines belonged to his father and lately, a younger brother. This is very famous and rich Japanese family. The events in the book end around 1980, so am not sure what happened to the family now...

    Blue glue, vending machine, Mr. Bean-ehe, nice combination. Makes life better! :))) Thanks.

  2. (MergenManiac)

    Very interesting post. It's funny how I always end up getting hungry after reading your blog.

  3. (MergenManiac)

    haha, lol at the Mr. Bean, very nostalgic.