Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Day in Japan 18: Koppe(roll) bread and lighting

This rounds post is technically not "a day", it's more like "days" ^.^' . Haven't been taking photos a lot lately Hmm I think I should change the series title.

Today's morning パン(pan) with peanut butter cream. . . I think ~_~ . It tasted like peanut butter.

The local street I pass by everyday this time from the other side. Straight up ahead is the station. A very sunny Sunday it may look warm but it's actually very chilly. The local shops are always closed on Sundays.

At the same position as the above photo. Leveling up my photography skills. Learned something interesting, focusing on darker areas makes the area with plenty of light too bright to see anything. Like in this photo, you can't see the clouds in the sky because of the bright light. But you can see well the store on the left part

Focusing on bright areas with plenty of light coming on the other hand makes all the other surrounding dark. Now you can see the clouds well, but you can't see the stores on the left. I'm guessing this has to do with Aperture. I need to study more ^.^"

My bento. Left over from the day before. I know, not visually appealing, but it tastes good so XP. Need to level up my bento making skills more.

This is the コッペパン(koppe-pan)=roll bread. It may look like a plain loaf of bread but you don't know whats inside. There's a whole series of these breads with different flavors.

This is the blueberry jam and margarine flavored version. As you can see it has plenty of blueberry jam and margarine which is what makes these so awesome!. And the fact that these cost only 98Yen doubles the awesomeness. There are 4 more other flavors as far as I know. I'll be sure to share them with you.
Restores 1856 Ep. Special effects: makes you want to eat one more.

Our local Department store is having a samX tneserP elaS. Tis the season to be jolly.

Dinner is Gyuudon with spring onion topping. I will make a "rough" recipe post for this soon. So stay (looney) tuned

Japanese words of the day(s):
ピーナッツバター(pi-nattsubata-)=Peanut butter
弁当(bentoo)=Japanese lunch
コッペ(koppe)=A roll (I think this word is mostly used with "pan" as a set.)

"Runs to store for more koppe pan"


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