Saturday, December 3, 2011

Day in Japan 17: Christmas nearing

It's already December!! Christmas is just down the street and 2012 is only a few blocks away. Oh boy, one of the downsides of living alone in a foreign country is that you can't really celebrate the holidays to the fullest. But of course if you have friends then it's a different story. It's very important to make friends!!

It's that season again where Christmas trees pop out everywhere. Last year there were Huge trees popping up in Mongolia see here

Christmas decorations at the station I pass by all the time. Lumine by the way is a very big department store here. And I've always spotted one near big busy stations.

キミのクリスマスはどんな?(kimi-no-kurisumasu-wa-donna?)=How is your Christmas?
My Christmas is. . . going to be pretty average. I think I'll buy me self a slice of cake ^_^

I think Santa picked the wrong time to visit. Everyone is wide awake.

The wishes of Zoe and Leo. And How is your Christmas? by the way

This is my usual morning breakfast. Miso soup, Natto with rice, and hand-made bread from my local bread shop. the brown Inarizushi is leftover from yesterdays dinner ^.^

Strawberry jam in the middle and custard in the inside. Love these. I always look forward to getting up in the morning because of these ^.^

In the morning, on my way to school. This is the station were I change trains to school. I forgot my umbrella this day.

The sun is M.I.A. Notice the black dots closer look on the next picture

That black thing that looks like a fly on the window is, I think someone skygliding as it was descending gradually.

My bento lunch. Dumplings and rice. You might think this is a sad and average bento, but you don't know what's under the rice. (Hmm I need to buy a new bento box).

From my window. Small but beautiful sunset. Now in Japan the sun is setting at around 5'o'clock it becomes completely dark at 6'o'clock.

Japanese words of the day:
デコレーション(decore-shyon)=Decoration (katakana version)
パン(pan)=bread or pastry
行方不明(yuku-e-fu-mei)=Missing, M.I.A
(ichigo)=Strawberry Mmmm

Ba HumBug!!      No no I'm Just kidding hehe


  1. > I think Santa picked the wrong time to visit. Everyone is wide awake.

    I laughed out loud, for real. :D

    And my Christmas is going OK, except like you I will be spending it away from family. :( Maybe, though, with a girlfriend?????

  2. ugh, nice feeling. but the picture from the train looks kinda scary.

  3. Wow. Nice post. Except the bento part. Couldn't you make visually better bento?

    Knife :)

  4. @Nanban Jim
    Haha yeah spending with a girlfriend would be nice ^.^;
    Well the rain does give a "grey" look
    @Anonymous Knife
    Hey! I'm working on it. It's been only a month you know (-_-)

  5. Hey I really like your blog!
    I wanna stay in Japan too *envious*
    Btw which part of Japan are you currently residing in?