Sunday, November 27, 2011

Cheap, Healthy and Easy to make dish Mabo Tofu

I'm going to show you a cheap, delicious,  and very easy to make dish. Perfect for students in Japan who have a big appetite. And of course if you can find the ingredients it's perfect for students anywhere in the world ^.^

Here is the freshly cooked dish. It's called マーボ豆腐(ma-bo-tou-fu) the Japanese version of Mapo doufu. The best thing about マーボ豆腐 is it uses a minimum amount of meat which is expensive in Japan (especially when comparing to Mongolia). And since it uses tofu it has good amounts of protein, perfect for growing students who live alone.

Ingredients :
50grams of minced beef or pork meat. I think chicken breast will also do nicely.
200grams of tofu
1/4 of an onion
1 garlic clove. *Optional
And the most important ingredient. . . Chemical X  (see below)

The マーボ豆腐 sauce. It's a sauce in a box. This can be easily found in grocery stores in Japan. Notice the 2's in the bottom right corner. 2人前(futari-mae)=for 2 personsx2袋入り(ni-fukuro-iri)=2 bags inserted. meaning it has two pieces of for 2 person sauces. Price:186 Yen
Before you start cooking remember to set up your rice cooker

Ok, first let's neatly slice the tofu .

Slice the tofu into 1.5cm cubicles. You don't have to be precise so just dice them(unless your trying to impress someone).

Prepare! the onion. Cut them into small pieces like in the picture . (again i have no idea why this got in portrait)

Add oil by preference and heat on medium. Usually adding enough to cover the surface of the frying pan is good.

After heating it up add the minced meat. And fry them on medium heat until they're cooked, NOT burnt.
The white things you see in this picture is garlic and some onions that got mixed. Be careful frying garlic as they get burnt really fast.

This is the sauce inside the box. For 2 persons

After the meat is cooked stop the heat for a bit to add the tofu sauce. Also add around 30ml of water. I added more water to make the sauce more, careful though if you add too much water it'll lessen the taste of the sauce. Yeah, it doesn't look good in this state.

Cook on medium high until it starts to boil up, add tofu cubicles and fry on medium heat until the sauce gets a bit thicker. Stir gently while frying you don't want the tofu to turn in to a pulp.

And Finished. Now all you have to do is put it on top of your rice or where ever you want.
Before eating don't forget to say
いただきます(itadakimasu)=I'm going to eat (not sure exactly how to translate this)

and after eating ごちそうさまでした(gochisousamadeshita)=Thanks for the food (i think)

Japanese words of the day:
マーボ豆腐(ma-bo-tou-fu)=Mapo tofu
玉ねぎ(tama-negi)=Onion (the round ones)
ひき肉(hiki-niku)=Minced meat
フライパン(furaipan)=Fry pan



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  2. mm, looks nice. love it. plus what about the V on oil? he he

  3. lol what a coincidence. I just made this for the first time yesterday. Looks good!

  4. @Samuwarashi
    Unfortunately no, I want to try that one though
    What a coincidence indeed!. What sauce did you use?

  5. (MergenManiac)

    I could actually find all the ingredients easily here, might be bit more expensive than there though. Pretty sure I have seen sauces like those in japanese store somewhere here, maybe one day I'll try it

  6. This is the second recipe I have gotten from you, and I only just started reading your blog! Thank you!

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    Zaber learned to cook Mabo Tofu!

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