Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Day in Japan 16: Soyjoy ?

This is the street that I walk by everyday to get to the station and back home (note:right now I'm facing away from the station). There are a lot of local stores around here like the bread shop, flower shop, karaoke barber, weapon shop etc. Local shops really give away a different feeling or atmosphere from big-shot-company-chain-shops(can't find a word for it). I don't really know what the time on the road means, but guessing from 7:30-8:30 going this direction is prohibited.

Been meaning to try this out ever since I saw it, very tempting. SoyJoy the healthy little soy snack bar with real fruit for the dieting sister or girl you know very well. There were a lot of different fruit flavors to choose from like plume, banana and strawberry. But I remembered my aunt saying that blueberry has lot's of healthy factors.

It had a fair amount of blueberries in it which I didn't expect ^.^ . Tasted very good, like a little dried blueberry pie. When your teeth randomly hits the blueberries it gives you a little joyful feeling(soyJoy?).
Restores 571 Ep(energy points), Additional effects: makes you feel full for about 1 and half hours.
Note: effects may vary

The station platform which I wait for my train home. I love the train tracks here that go all the way to out of sight. Can you see it?. 3 minutes after this photo and it became full of people.

At the more darker part of the station. Check out the filtered version here it looks better. It says 立入禁止(tachi-iri-kin-shi)=do not enter in the middle. Would you dare to enter and walk the path to darkness? 

Dinner is Tonkatsu(pork cutlet) bento that has potato salad, weenier,noodles, and rice with dried plume and pink ginger topping. Bought from a supermarket, you can find lots of similar bentos in conbini too.  

I love Japanese breads or pastry. Breads like this you can easily buy at conbini's or supermarkets.
This one's りんご(ringo)デ二ッシュ(denishyu) 110yen.

It actually has a decent amount of apples in it!. It's awesome. Great for filling that whee bit of space after a meal. Restores 1617 Ep

At night walking to the combini to buy some life support goods. This is my local street I have to give a tour someday.

Japanese words of the day:
エネルギーポイント(enerugii-pointo)=Energy point
立入禁止(tachi-iri-kin-shi)=Do not enter, Entry prohibited
(eki)=Train station
豚カツ(ton-katsu)=Pork cutlet
梅干(ume-boshi)=Pickled plume (tastes very sour)
紅しょうが(beni-shyouga)=Pickled ginger (pink for some reason)
りんごデニッシュ(ringo-denissyu)=Apple denish (I have no idea what denish means, maybe Danish?)



  1. Hey is there any kendo clubs in your language school? If there is please post some photos.

  2. Tonkatsu looks yummy. Errrr, suddenly I feel hungry >.<

  3. @Samuwarashi
    Unfortunately my school has no clubs whatsoever. But there is a local kendo club.

    @Shizuo ^.^

  4. Here in the States we call small local shops either "Mom-and-Pop shops" (as in, it's just somebody's mother/mom and father/pop) or "(A) hole in the wall." The latter is more for restaurants, and comes from... well, look at some of the shops on this street! They are only a little bigger than... a hole... in the wall. :)

    The big stores we call, yes, "chain stores," or "big box stores," or more generally "big retailers."

  5. Aha, I used to eat those ringo denish in Houston. I forgot what they were called though, but definitely tasty!

    Soyjoy looks rather tasty, unlike hard and granular granola bars here haha.

    I would totally walk into the darkness /grin