Saturday, November 19, 2011

Day in Japan 15: Pink Pepsi

Here's something you don't see everyday

As you may know Japan has a lot of strange and weird products like this Pink Pepsi here. After hearing that it was strawberry and milk flavored I had to try it out.

If i'm not mistaken this is the exact pink of pink panther.

When your buying a drink that says it has fruit in it search for these kanji 果汁(ka-jyuu)=fruitjuice. It's the concentration of fruit in it. On this occasion it is 無果汁(mu-ka-jyuu)=no fruitjuice meaning it's 0%. Hmm I guess strawberry flavor doesn't mean they'll actually put in real strawberries -_-

Notice the small dots in the middle. It's meant for easy peeling of the plastic label. Most bottled drinks have them although I did see some without them

After drinking your supposed to peel of the label and throw it away as plastic garbage. And then recycle the bottle.

Ok, As for the taste of Pink Pepsi, it had a slight strawberry lolipop-ish taste. I had no idea where the milk taste was. And it was highly carbonated. Not very good, would drink it once in a while though.

Japanese words or the day:
ミルク(miruku)=Milk (katakana version)
果汁(ka-jyuu)=Fruit juice level
ペットボトル(pettobotoru)=Plastic bottle (I don't know why the call it pet bottles)
再利用(sai-ri-you)=Recycle or reuse
リサイクル(risaikuru)=Recycle (katakana version)



  1. Lol. I bet you felt like drinking a 'pink panther'. haha

  2. I never tried it before. Strawberry + milk = sounds good

  3. Interesting, over here we just throw it into recycling with the labels hehe.

    And I remember how you like strawberries!

  4. sound good i want to try some day !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. gooooood idea ......!!!!!!!!!konnichiwa