Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Day in Japan 14: Mcdonalds KBQ burger

Being a hamburger fan I had to check out the new KBQ burger at McDonalds. McDonalds in Japan sometimes comes up with these interesting burgers for a limited time. I always try them out, although I think I missed a few. Does Mcdonalds do this in your area too?
Let's have a look at the CM(commercial)

(gives you temporary taekwondo skills)

The actual burger. KBQ stands for Korean Barbie Q, but I guess everyone already knows that. They had two versions of the burger single patty and double patty. Double patty versions are always better!(especially in Japan!). It tasted pretty good with a Korean-ish sweet chili flavor, and a slight tangy garlic taste. The brown sauce on the top is the main one which gave the Korean taste. On the site it says it's "Bulgogi sauce" McD jp site
Restores small amount of energy.

Japanese words of the Day:
ケービキューバーガー(keebikyuu-baagaa)=KBQ burger
おいしい(oishii)=Tasty, good taste.
コマーシャル(komaashyaru)= Commercial



  1. was it gone in an instant just as the mobu dofu did? he he

  2. The real McDonald's Burgers always look less appetizing than the commercials haha.