Thursday, November 3, 2011

Alien Registration Certificate in Japan

When you enter Japan at the immigration they should give you this note. Don't throw it away(yet) keep it with you. On the backside everything is written in Japanese.

If your staying in Japan for more than 90 days whether your a tourist or a student like me then you have to go and register yourself for something called, be ready this one's a twister
外国人登録証明書(gai-koku-jin-tou-roku-shyou-mei-shyo)=Alien Registration Certificate within 90 days of arriving in Japan.
 Basically it's a card verifying that you're a legitimate Alien and that you've registered your existence=sonzai(存在) in Japan. It is very important that you register and get this card. As you need this card for many things Ex: getting a cellphone, opening a bank account, getting a part-time job...etc most actions that need self identification.

To register you need to go to the 市役所(shi-yaku-shyo)=City hall of where your living of staying. In my case(a student) my school took me to the office and did all the talking, I only filled out the registration form(be sure to know the address of where your living). I think every school will take you to register. If they don't then don't worry it's fairly simple. And the people there are kind and will do whatever they can to make it easy for you. You just have to make the first move and ask "I want to register for Gaikokujin touroku shyoumeishyo"~ "外国人登録したいです"(gai-koku-jin-tou-roku-shitai-desu) And they should understand and take you from there.
If they don't then show them the note you got at the immigration check in(above picture) they'll have to understand this way.

Requirements are: Two 3x4 pictures, your passport, if your a student your school card(card verifying you are a student of "oo" school) your school should provide this.

After registration they should give you a paper like this showing when to pick up your card. It takes about two weeks or so. And be sure to go and get it on time or else you may have to do it all over again I think.
Also to note until you get your registration card take your passport with you when your strolling out'n'about.

And this is what it should look like. Be careful not to lose it and take it with you at all times. Cops may ask you to show it at any moment and if your caught without one then it's one night in "the room" for you(at least that's what I heard). Of course if you have your passport then all's well.

Found Wiki page for it -_-" well for more detailed info and other info jump here Wiki


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