Sunday, October 16, 2011

My adventures in Japan 2nd start

My untold tale continues in Japan. And this time as a college student. Well I haven't quite entered a college yet, but I will. I'm currently honing my Japanese skills in a Japanese language school and after I finish my course I will enter a college OR a university we'll see. Almost finished settling in here. Will be posting more information later so stay tuned.
Of course I will be continuing my blog from here on. But I need to update some things ^_^.

Note: This is only supposed to be a funny parody video none of the lines should be taken seriously. There were no real intentions.


  1. Welcome back Zak :D Great video! Atmospheric, conveys your emotions well :)

  2. Ahh... Come on. Were you imprisoned in you homeland?

  3. @Anonymous (whoever you are lol)
    Of course not.It's just a parody joke.

  4. Oh Now I get it. Nice but gashuum joke.