Wednesday, October 19, 2011

First weeks passed (TV food)

It's been more than a week since I arrived in Japan and all the paperwork stuff has mostly ended. By the end of next week I'll be settled in nice and snug. Will be sharing all things happening.

Until then how about we talk about some food, frozen food to be exact ^_^. Frozen food's an excellent fast source of energy for students like me. I find them relatively cheap, easy to make, tastes good and has portion.

Japanese frozen food's have a lot of variety there were tons in the store I forgot to take pictures(wonder if it's allowed). But don't worry I'll be eating lot's of frozen stuff from here on so I'll be sure to post them. Tonight on the menu is Ebi-Pirafu=Shrimp ... . I don't know what Pirafu means but this is basically fried rice.
Price: 263Yen (50% sale price) so original price is 526Yen

The backside has all the information you need to cook it. The instructions are pretty easy to understand even if your kanji knowledge is small like mine, but being young and starving helps a lot ~_~. Can you figure out how to cook this? I'll write the instructions on a later food post. ^_^

In to the bowl~y. Can you see the ancient frozen fossil's of aliens?

After close scientific tests and analyzing, it's thawing point is 500 watts
Taste: Very good.
Recharges you by 30%. If I ate the whole 500g bag then it would likely recharge 65%. The above pic is only 250g.



  1. (MergenManiac)

    263Yen= $3.42 hmmmmmmmmmmmm, I could buy BigMac with it here. But I would probably choose that one 60% of the time since it's much more healthy and looks pretty good.

  2. It does look good :D Now that you're a college student, you'll be living on frozen/fast food a lot haha, unless you like to cook! (/runaway)

    My guess:
    Cook 250g in 500W microwave for 4m 50s and in 600W microwave for 4m 20s!?

    In FFXI shrimp and seafood usually gives a lot of accuracy :P

    Speaking of McDonalds, McDonalds over in Japan is probably a lot better than McDonalds over here!! (remember the Beijing McDonalds we used to go to? packed with people and tons of delicious food haha).

  3. I stand corrected and humbly apologize. Apparently the store that I was going to get frozen food was selling them for 50% of the price!.

    @Konig ~_~" well I guess it was obvious

  4. Pirafu is probably "pilaf," as in "rice pilaf." Pilaf is basically anytime rice is cooked in a broth/soup stock.

  5. @Nanban Jim
    Oooh ok. Thanks for the info!.