Sunday, November 13, 2011

Day in Japan 13: 2nd start

Going to continue my day in japan posts.

So first let's start with Lunch shall we. There's Chicken croquette, cabbage salad with mayonnaise, clam soup(i think) and   rice. Oomori(大盛り) rice to be exact. This costed 350Yen, it's supposed to be 410Yen because of the Oomori rice but I had a coupon -60 yen.

Standing on the station platform waiting for my train. Was a nice warm day I was going out'n'about in my t-shirt. Walking around in t-shirts is unthinkable back in Mongolia.

Ok I have no Idea why this is coming up in portrait I changed it to landscape before uploading it. Anyway stopped by the store to buy dinner. This frozen pizza was on sale 250Yen so thought I try it out.

Basically it's just a round flat bread with cheese strips on top and pepper. No resemblance to a pizza

After heating up. Still no resemblance to a pizza. Note when heating: don't heat in a microwave the crusts turn to stone form. Well it said on the back to heat in an oven but... I got lazy ^^;.  The taste was not bad kinda tasted like one of them naan breads with cheese.

And an uninvited guest appears. We, after saying "eeew" "aaah" "woof" gave him the boot, with a broom.

Japanese words of the day:
大盛(oo-mori)=Meaning large, but only used for foods as in small, medium and large. {One of my favorite words}
ご飯(go-han)=Cooked rice also means food.
(kome)=Uncooked rice
晩ご飯(ban-go-han)=Evening food or dinner
ゴキブリ(gokiburi)=Cockroach XP



  1. gokiburi = an uninvited guest... Jiahahaha :D

  2. That is a rather oomori gokiburi!

  3. @konigwolf
    Aha!. Read carefully. Oomori is used for food sizes. Fof gokiburi you would use Ookii