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Friday, July 1, 2011

Day in Japan 12: Illuminations

Tis the season to be jolly and watch illuminations or christmas lights. Here everyone calls them Illuminations Has a nice ring to it, better than christmas lights I think.

Love the blue lights. And Shin-chyans all lit up too. I wish there were real trees that illuminate like this. Like one of them fish from the abyss.

The buildings are also decorated. This illumination was moving like a .gif picture. Winter no flowers...

Boom full bloom Spring. I took a video of this but just can't seem to locate it. 残念(zannen)=too bad.

You wonder how they made this.I wonder how much everyone gets paid for overtime AND making a snowman. Then again they could just leave the lights on ^_^''

You can catch me eating This is one set, rice, gyuudon bowl, miso soup.
gyuudon- is rice bowl topped with deliciously fried meat'n'eggs(has plenty of variety's). But in this case the rice is separate. 
ご飯(gohan)=rice also food
みそ汁(miso-shiru)=miso soup(shiru)

f(x)=空手-チョップx  if 空手=karate, チョップ=chop and はし=8 then we can:
 f(x)=karate-chop(x) if we take x=sticks then we get:
f(sticks)=karate-chopsticks  Reveal the underlined factor by an integer.
have fun


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  1. (MergenManiac)

    I found the answer. but I think you should translate what this means はし, kinda confusing.

    not to spoil everyone else, I'll post the answer in mongolian. naim