Thursday, February 10, 2011

Day in Japan 11: Lone station

Out in about at a friends house and now is when I was going back home. (by the way you can say "go back home" in one word in japanese which is 帰る{kaeru}easy eh?)

Waiting for the train to come. And noticed that no one was here. It was also so quiet that you could hear a needle drop. Because it's a local train stop not many people pass here I think, only people that are going home or going to work.

Since you can easily buy a ticket from the automated ticket seller machine there seems to be no need for a train attendant to standby. {train attendant...that doesn't sound right..}

Sukiyaki for lunch. Sukiyaki is the name of a fast food chain here that mainly makes bowl dishes.Some orders also come with miso soup. They taste good and is recommended for those who have low cooking skills.

What be your reaction when water suddenly comes up under your feet?. o_O


  1. Loan Station is very peaceful local railway station in japan. It's a little and very beautiful.

  2. I always read Japanese blog for know about technology because japan is well known by it's technology field.