Saturday, November 13, 2010

Day in Japan play 10: Take-no-ko (bamboo sprite)

Tis May in Japan and it's the time to eat Take-no-ko literally Bamboo's'child . Around this time of the Year they said that newly growing bamboo is edible and is the most yum-yum. Take-no-ko is also famous in a lot of Asian dishes.

Let us analyze THE bamboo. Well a newly growing bamboo looked like this.A pointy top with the leaves just coming out. The brown outer is for protection I guess. sorry for bad quality images ^_^;

Here is the main part.Various sizes. Kinda reminds me of them banana trees. I really can't explain further than this.

 Remember these are Bamboo shoots. Some of you may be thinking "whaat these look like asparagus" or some weed. But they're the dead leaves I think

This is the bottom. Unexpectingly white isn't it. Right now it isn't as hard as a grown bamboo.

Peeling the outer layer now. As you can see the inside is new and very shiny. Peeling was easy just pull on the zipper like triangle leaf and a bit of turning.

This is the peeled outer layer.It is pretty hard, kinda like sand paper.....I think.

The inside is pretty eigh?. I wonder if they Sell bamboo shoots in the west. Have any of you ever eaten Bamboo in your life.?

And last you chop them up for  boiling, broiling, frying, steaming or whatever.
Mostly we ate it in soups. Was my first time eating bamboo and it tasted pretty good. I liked the feeling when you bite in to it, felt like biting a hard apple.

For people who want details here is a jump link to wiki Bamboo Sprite the new drink fad.


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