Sunday, September 19, 2010

Day in Japan play 9: Lotus

It's July here in this timeframe. And the Lotus flowers bloom in July They said. But we went to see a little bit early so the flower's weren't really in full bloom. It has been said that lot's of photographers from afar come to capture the Scenery that is Lotus. This pic not bad if I do say so myself heh.

The err... Leaf was huge (forgive me lazy to look it up). Yes it was huge. I never knew Lotus's had such big leafs. You could easily tape it on your head and use it as Sun and rain shield.

The come out like this and then fold out and become flat. The leafs can easily become a hat. The flowers are really purdy.

This is under those big leafs. It's an oasis for a bugs life. Trying to tune up my photography skills.

Lotus's are very omnipotent plants. They can be hats , visors, water collectors, bowls and a Frisbee. They had these very tiny hairs on them that's why the water get's caught. Another good pic eh?

Ok take a wild guess and tell what this is. I'll tell what it is later in the comments ^^

Ok tis it.

more later now rest.