Sunday, July 18, 2010

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So as I was saying in the previous post my year has ended and I am leaving Japan. This is the Center Airport near Nagoya I'm on the flight seeing deck.It has been one awesome year and I was really sad that I had to leave. I felt something very strange but I can't describe it sorry .I tried a lot of things to stay more but they didn't go so well

My last lunch in Japan. At the Airport. Tempura-don or for short Ten-don. Tempura topped rice it was delicious. It is deep fried shrimp and vegetables with miso soup.

The Airport had this interesting place that was like a museum. And I had a chance to sit in this chair of the future made by Toyota. It's actually something like a car. I think it was called the I-swing. Relates to the chairs in Wall-e I just hope that it doesn't actually get that way. sometimes thinking about the future is in a way scary.

My plane from Nagoya to Tokyo was a propeller plane and the propeller was right next to me it was a bit scary when a big propeller was swirling right beside you. Had a great view the Highest cloud's felt like there was a ceiling. It was raining and gray when we were on ground.

Can you see the big Buddha statue right in the middle.  I noticed from above how green Japan was. But this is to the country side though.

Can you guess where and what Airport I'm in now ^_^ I bought a gum called lax here.

When I changed to my next flight I noticed this lonely box. It was MY box of katana's I got worried a but then somebody finally threw it inside the plane.

Finally I reached my last stop in Austin at night. and from there it was a trip trough the darkness. My first airplane trip alone was a success difficulty was normal. My trip was like this
Nagoya->Narita->....->Austin.   took about 16 hours
 Why am I in America? well I am staying at my brothers place for the summer and then will return to Mongolia. SO
My adventure still goes on so look forward people!

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