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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Tower of erasers

Haven't managed a post lately... out of despair I give you  Tower of Babylon made out of erasers.
The blocks came in a pack, you get this much for 100 yen. good ol 100 yen shop. In Japanese they call it (Hyakkin)


P.S there is a hidden mickey *wrong its stitch -_-* "oh...right >.>" a hidden stitch(lilo&stitch) in the picture. your mission is to find it and report in.


  1. I found it! Lilo and Stitch both!


  2. can't find them! so i chose to decline the mission!

  3. @cocomonk22 ミッション完成しました。おつかれさま。
    Mission accomplished Good work. *thumbs up while grinning* (we don't have emotions -_-")

    If you can read Japanese cocomonk22 has accomplished.

  4. The crescent moon is distracting me hehe.