Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tokyo CGM Night 8

After months of planning and effort, I finally managed to Get myself to Toykyo CGM night 8. Was looking forward to it from April . It was awesome! got to meet Danny Choo and a lot of notable people.
CGM night 8 was held at one of the Digital Hollywood University campus

As expected a lot of people had came. Not started yet. I was glad that I made it in time. As this day was Friday I still had school so I was a bit nervous. After school had ended I quickly went back home got changed and went straight to Nagoya and from there got on the Shinkansen to Tokyo. Thanks to the Shinkansen and spot on time trains I made it with extra time to boot.

As expected there were a lot of foreigners. A great chance to use my English as I was really starting to forget it. I haven't met anyone here before only saw them in pictures was very interesting meeting them in person like Danny Choo and Shibuya246. This is my first time at Tokyo CGM night So I didn't really knew anyone. I really thank the Hippo family club which is the company of my exchange program. In hippo meetings I always talk in front of lots of people and meet new people so I was really used to talking to new people. I went talked to lot's of new people and exchanged name cards with them with ease.
For Future Exchange students I really recommend Hippo family club (LEX) for more info or help just ask.

Almost going to start On the screen it shows how to connect to the Wifi that was resonating here. It had doozy of a password.

A lot of people brought they're daughters with them. No one would leave they're daughter home alone right?. All of the daughters were beautiful. Capturing pics were hard. Everyone was also capturing and I had to wait for a chance to strike. And some times I got Flash banged.

People also setting up they're ustream live broadcasts. Live broadcasts are awesome I hope you guys saw it. I might be on some of them ^_^.  One day I too will have me own laptop.

That is the main Live broadcast setting. With an HD camera Here is the Link Jump . Thank you's for the Live broadcast goes to Stevenagata

Danny is officially going to start the event. After putting up a few rules and telling people how to connect to the wi-fi.

The man with the long hair in this picture is the Founder of Digital Hollywood University Sugiyama-sensei. I've talked to Sugiyama-sensei and made some notes for the future.

Danny's a good and fun announcer. And his English and Japanese accents were great. But he did make his Japanese accent funny some times. I heard people talking in the crowd that his voice was good.

And Let's take a good look at the Daughters. They are Dolls called Dollfie little info on wiki jump. I don't think detailed info is needed. A picture is worth a 1000 words. This is my first time meeting them in person and they were just like what I saw in previous pictures. They are very flexible, beautiful and very customizable, the clothes and accessories are extremely detailed. They have a big wardrobe. Japanese people have perfected dolls. I think they're pretty awesome and I might get one for my mom in the near future ^.^

Plenty of models. Had to elbow quite a few people to get good pictures ^_^ .

They are referred  to as Daughters or 娘(musume) on the internet and collecters or adopters. You can also adopt one. But I think shops that sell them are rare I never actually saw them in shops. I only found one site on the internet jump but I think there is more...well I'll leave it to you.

They're practically real clothes only shrunk.

You can also teach them special abilities such as swordsmanship, piloting, singing and maid's'manship...

And here are Danny's daughters and friends. I'm really amazed by their articulation.

Can you find Tony Stark in this picture?.

Things that make you go Yeah!. Yeah!.

And here we have the exclusive Good Smile company Figures on display I don't think they're on sale yet.

Closer I go

Most of the figures are from the upcoming Black Rock Shooter OVA. I'm looking forward to it. The figure on the left is for the anime series Bakemonogatari

I really like the gun. and the scar.

Love the scythe. Beware of security lasers around the figures. You will get thrown backward 100 meters.

The whole figure display. Do Not Touch! . Incoming flashbang!!.

Closest I could get. I love the blue flame in the eye design.

I think Dead Master was her name.

The stand is also great.


There was also cosplay in the event. I don't know her though.

Quite a few cosplayers. I also cosplayed as me。。。^_^ no one recognized me though T_T.

I really don't recognize any of the characters except Kamen rider on the most left.

Danny with the gang and holding Otacool.

I forgot to take a picture with Danny. It was the first thing I should have done. ちっ.

And last I needed energy so recovered by eating Mirai-chan curry and lasse. Was very good recovered 30% of energy.

So all in all it was awesome met a lot of people hope I will talk to them again in the future and co-operate with them
Did the things I wanted to do and could do.
Lost miserably in the rock paper scissor tournament -.-
Videos are coming soon.
I wrote this a bit late and might have made some mistakes or missed some details.

save and rest.

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