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Friday, June 11, 2010

Today's Dinner

Today we had Ramen for dinner. Now you wouldn't guess that this would be instant ramen eh?
ラーメン(ramen) Japanese noodle soup. but the original Idea of noodle soup came in from china. So ramen is actually not a Japanese food.
yum yum don't hesitate to slurp in Japan .


  1. That looks delicious! Now I'm hungry, must go eat hehe.

  2. (MergenManiac)

    dude that looks delicous. yopond gehdee sonin hooloo ayaglahdaa hurtel heltertei tavihimaa. bi baisan bol barag zugeer ovoolool tavichih baih

  3. @MergenManiac chi yag l tegne dee. tiim bolokhleer chi togooch bolkhod aria taarakhgui e.