Sunday, June 27, 2010

high school day in Japan Day 21 Walkin in the rain

June is said to be a rainy month. And I believe them because the past few days it was always rainy. and gray. But to me It's better than the sweat releasing hot days.

So I was walking home in the rain and felt like making a video and talking.. hope the raw video has good quality.
I like rainy days. It's quite and you can think and gather your mind while only hearing the rain drops. I was thinking what I should do when my exchange program ends and I return to Mongolia. I' m thinking of continuing my blog from Mongolia and blog about the events in Mongolia. But I wonder how many people will have interest. hmmm


  1. Oh, you should blog about Mongolia, I would be interested.

    Is Mongolia rural like I heard about?

  2. @SaL Really great to hear. Thanks
    Yeah the country side of Mongolia is pretty rural. But the capital Ulaanbaatar is not rural.

  3. (MergenManiac)

    you should totally blog about mongolia. since there aren't many blogs or documentaries about mongolian urban life.

    neeree ingehed 2 uulaa zun uulzhad blog hiij bolheen

  4. A~L righty then. I will blog when back in Mongolia

  5. the way you have an english/british accent ,... .

  6. plz blog about Mongolia^^