Thursday, June 24, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 20 Bowling

We went Bowling a few weeks ago with our Teacher. This post is very late so without any further a due. Oh one thing I want to say I am bad at bowling or this is my first time.

A normal Bowling place with shiny bowling balls. the dome on the bottom right is a candy dozer. Don't try it. It tempts you with a lot of candy and eats your 100 yens.

A flag of Japan on the back. There where no one but us here. This bowling alley was a kind of old place so they said.

I liked the shiny balls. That were waxed...maybe. When you throw the ball sometimes it just slides without rolling on the floor It's that slippery. It would be interesting if someone slides with the ball ^_^

The score board television.

On with the bowling. here are some replay videos.

Hope no one laughed at me.

save and rest.

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