Monday, May 3, 2010

Sky pictures of Japan

I changed the name from "Good sky picture from 4th floor of school" to this "Sky picture's of Japan". a bit cheesy but it'll do for now.

I captured this reflection of the sky. It was a really calm day. I really like this. You could dive in to it but instead of going in you get reversed and fall out from the sky.

The night of this day it rained. So you could say that this is the gathering of clouds. This might be the Cirrocumulus type cloud which is around 18.000 feet in the air.

 After a day of heavy rain. Light always shines after storms.Was at high school. This could be a Cirrus cloud.??

Same day as above. but 20 minutes earlier I think. The bottom building is our Gym

The sun is setting now, thus the orange flavored cloud. Tis around 6:26 P.M. Night will very soon fall. Getting back home from school.. 夜(Yoru)=Night   昼(hiru)=noon,or day

満月(Mangetsu)=Full Moon. Hah Can't miss on a night with a Full Moon. Where is this from is secret. But the mirror image of the moon is actually a rice field that's in the making. Was a great night.

And Last but was First

This is right. the first was actually reversed hehe. But really this cloud is amazing. Almost looks like the sky is filled with water.
How many of you have I managed to trick? O_o

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    Neeree ehnii zuragn us shig haragdjiin shuu, bi neg ocean baina gej harlaa