Friday, May 7, 2010

Japanese high school festival.

First a quick video tour of what happens. look closely and try to understand what Im saying XP

A Few days ago we went to a big festival consisting of many Japanese High schools and respective students. It was held on a sports field of a big University. They said that High schools from other prefectures also came but I'm not sure. The Festival was for all the new students who have just entered high school and started a new path.
The Theme was 未来へ走り出そう(Mirai e hashiri dasou)= Run to the future. Something like this.

All of the High schools and students were running small stands or shops like these. 店(Mise)=store,shop. In the back it says からあげ(kara-age) which is deep fried chicken nuggets kind of. 250yen

Here they are making french fries in the bottom says ポテト(po-te-to)=potato 200 yen .And selling sausages. The High school students themselves make the food and sell them themselves full time. High schools and Teachers advise and buy the ingredients and prepare the needed tools.

And of course we managed a stand too. We sold Slushy ice and cold drink On a hot day were your stamina gradually decreases you can't go on a hunt without these essentials.
Four flavor syrup add ons green-melon{+additional hp} red-strawberry{+additional stamina} black-cola{+additional agility} blue-blue hawaii !? O_o{+additional mp}.

The Ice-breaker. Pinch a block of ice like in the left. And rotate a lever above to make minced Ice, a main ingredient for fusing Ice slush.

となり(to-na-ri)=beside,neighboring,side our neighbor's neighbor store or tonari no tonari no mise.
They're selling spaghetti 250 yen and cold drink100 yen.     

An overview from afar. 80% of the people were students.

Some of the students were not wearing their uniforms. But instead Interesting clothes they might have some special abilities. Paw mark for privacy.

Showing you the backstage of the stands. After standing in the stand you can rest here and recover. or you can play games make up or capture pictures like me.

My bag is somewhere in here。。。 ?hmmm business is fast so we don't have time to clean up here.

In the back there is the stage. More people with special clothes. currently showing is。。。 I dont know

Found a TV crew filming all the shows. Didn't catch what channel it was. I would have wanted to see myself ad I walked infront of it a couple of times.

Moaere 面白い(omoshiroi)=interesting 服(fuku)=clothe  I'm guessing they performed on stage.

Lately I'm seeing more people wearing kimono's maybe because it is summer. I really like kimono's they're beautiful. In Japan now kimonos are usually worn on special occasions. I guess you knew that.

Some of the students preparing for their stage time. I want to do that. too. This was taken in a bit early before everything started.

Cheer leaders in the back performing. If you get a chance to appear on stage and perform in front of a bunch of people then you should always give it your all, because you never know what will happen there might be scouts looking for new skills and talent in the audience.You might just release your hidden potential.

We High school students make,sell and advertise ourselves. This is a really good experience for us high schoolers. I did a bit of advertising before helping out in the kitchen. Thanks to my height one with falcon eyes can see my sign from 200 meters away. It was really hot I might have become brown. Says on the sign "Today is hot let's eat {Ice-slush}*.

All of a sudden people were packed.they kept coming and coming we kept selling and selling. It was the bomb. We also had special guests coming  like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland.

A lot of students were also doing cosplay, or costume-play. more omoshiroi fuku.

Lot's of High school students. lots of cute girls too. The building in the back is the Gym. A famous singer was called and was doing  a live in there

More performances. They were singging a song named Gee, I think it was a korean song. but was a nice song.


We also made and sold fried noodles, Didn't sell that well though


I will leave all of you with the cheerleaders. And an ending video. that was taken around at the ending.

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  1. (MManiac)

    Looks interesting. I can tell it's hot over there by just looking at the pictures

    Yeah, there's a lot of pretty girls Xp

  2. It's seems fun to have an activities like this in their university especially when there's a cute girl wearing a kimono. haha…

    Well then, enjoy!

  3. Haaa~ omoshirosou desu! And I kinda like the Theme (Mirai he hashiri dasou!). Uwaaa~h I'm so looking forward to my year there ^^

  4. @Anonymous Haha

    Yeah I like the theme too, so you're also coming here?

  5. interesting HS life! WAHHHH!! I wanna go there, in my dad's place ang live there!! :))

  6. @hikari
    Going to high school here is definitely an awesome experience. Remember we only have on go through high school. (mine has ended T_T)

  7. AHAHA!! I think your true! High School has a short time only.. ;( that's why I really want to live there ang go to my dad's place :) lol!!

  8. Hey, I'm just out of highschool, now studying at a language school. Been wanting to experience some highschool life since i didnt get to do an exchange back in highschool.

    Can I ask where this festival was? It wouldnt happen to be the Azabu High School festival in Tokyo would it?