Saturday, May 1, 2010

High school day in Japan Day: P.E status Check

We had this P..E status Check at school. A few tests of might for your body.
First is this thing that measures your gripping strength. Grip the handle as tight as you can and get judged. Mine was about 45.
Those who can grip 60+ are marked as Titan Grip

And here your flexibility is checked. Push the box as far as you can and then get judged. I was about 50cm my friend was 60cm
Those who can push 50 meters are marked as ゴム(gomu)=rubber man.

The tests of might isn't over yet. there are a few tests left to be checked outside on the {battle}Field. but currently it is raining so it's pause for the moment.
In the meanwhile enjoy this series of timeframes


  1. Munkh~

    I love the new layout, makes it much easier for me to read.


  2. Glad to hear

    ...but I may change the background image in the future. but nothing flashy and bright.