Sunday, May 30, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 18 science class experiment

Ok this Day we did a little experiment in science class. We burned elements and researched their flames. But the 真実(shinjitsu)=Truth; is we were actually synthesizing.

Here are the elements we're burning. There was Na,K,Cu,Be, , . There is glue in the capsule and using the metal bar we stuck the elements one by one and burned them.

This is the Flame torch we used to burn. My classmate can make flame walls hehe.

We have to clean the metal bar before changing elements, to not fuse any colors.

I also can manipulate flames. Only, my flame is green.  Green flame is the result of burning Cu.

This is dessert for dinner of the day. It looks like cheese cake but it's not. It's an おみやげ(omiyage)=kinda like a souvenir from Hyougo prefecture. All the prefectures in Japan have  a special おみやげ. of the prefecture. Cities also have different special おみやげ 's. Can't quite explain what this is but it tastes good with green tea. ^_^

We also had a 満月(まんげつ)=full moon. ignore the little dot beside it. it's nothing..

That's how today went.