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Saturday, May 15, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 17 Rakugaki

A classmates modded desk
らくがき(Rakugaki) translates to doodle, graffiti or scribble I think. If you don't get it I'll explain it in a 1000 words.

Now who's hip and legs might these be?  ~_~  (special applause post to who gets it right.)

There Now you understand right?. わかりました(wakarimashita)Understood short version わかった(wakatta).
P.S since it's drawn in pencil easily erase it.


  1. It looks like Hatsune Miku! :)

  2. @ Anonymous Congrats you got it right 75 points to you.

    but I don't think I can make a post for Anonymous

  3. Thats alright, I'm just glad to see another Miku fan ^^