Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day in Japan play:7 Jusco mall

Went to a mall called Jusco with a friend. Jusco is a mall a bit away from the center of Nagoya .I was looking for a instrument store. took a few videos. My narrating and comments are still not good The more videos I make the better I will get so keep watching hehe.

But lets start with a few stairs. It would be interesting to play Oni gokko here. Oni gokko is kinda the equivalent of the game Tag. "It" is 鬼(Oni)=ogre,demon in japan.

And here is motion video

wanted to take more videos but most of the stores were saying no pics n vids.

end sleep

1 comment:

  1. The building seemed nice especially when you briefly showed the top. Also, the wall and the lightings seemed to be like in a plane. The images changed so fast that it was rather hard to follow and see the people and shops.

    Camera moved too fast, and somewhat haphazardly.