Sunday, May 30, 2010

3rd Child

A little late but, In April another Exchange student like me arrived and she is from Thailand Bankok.
Her nickname is Mint. And recently I took an interview from her for my newspaper, I'll write about it later. >.>

 I like her nickname Mint .


  1. What does the title '3rd Child' mean? I guess you will write it later.

  2. @Anonymous Haha good question, I'll answer here. Well when I came there was a Thai girl which was also an Exchange Student, she was the First.And I became the second.Her exchange program ended and she went back. And now another Exchange student came after me so she is the Third.
    There is also one tiny reason I'll leave it to you guys to guess

  3. my guess is that you are using 1st, 2nd, 3rd child in reference to evangelion

  4. @Anonymous 2 >.>

    Nice going that's 50 points to you. Well I make references to games and anime's like this throughout my blog.
    Also May I ask from what site did you jump here.