Sunday, May 30, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 18 science class experiment

Ok this Day we did a little experiment in science class. We burned elements and researched their flames. But the 真実(shinjitsu)=Truth; is we were actually synthesizing.

Here are the elements we're burning. There was Na,K,Cu,Be, , . There is glue in the capsule and using the metal bar we stuck the elements one by one and burned them.

This is the Flame torch we used to burn. My classmate can make flame walls hehe.

We have to clean the metal bar before changing elements, to not fuse any colors.

I also can manipulate flames. Only, my flame is green.  Green flame is the result of burning Cu.

This is dessert for dinner of the day. It looks like cheese cake but it's not. It's an おみやげ(omiyage)=kinda like a souvenir from Hyougo prefecture. All the prefectures in Japan have  a special おみやげ. of the prefecture. Cities also have different special おみやげ 's. Can't quite explain what this is but it tastes good with green tea. ^_^

We also had a 満月(まんげつ)=full moon. ignore the little dot beside it. it's nothing..

That's how today went.


3rd Child

A little late but, In April another Exchange student like me arrived and she is from Thailand Bankok.
Her nickname is Mint. And recently I took an interview from her for my newspaper, I'll write about it later. >.>

 I like her nickname Mint .

Will soon start posting

Apologies for being quiet lately but will post really soon so just wait a bit. I hope every one is reading my status around the top of my blog.
Oh and does anyone have anything that you want me to cover.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Day in Japan play:7 Jusco mall

Went to a mall called Jusco with a friend. Jusco is a mall a bit away from the center of Nagoya .I was looking for a instrument store. took a few videos. My narrating and comments are still not good The more videos I make the better I will get so keep watching hehe.

But lets start with a few stairs. It would be interesting to play Oni gokko here. Oni gokko is kinda the equivalent of the game Tag. "It" is 鬼(Oni)=ogre,demon in japan.

And here is motion video

wanted to take more videos but most of the stores were saying no pics n vids.

end sleep

Friday, May 21, 2010

Venus and the Moon

A very awesome alignment. Couldn't take any better shots sorry.

You have to enlarge it. It's the white dot in the middle

zoomed in but quality lessened.
I wonder if tonight was a special night?

For more information on this check the site that Leanne has provided in the comments.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Random photos II

New series of random photos. Enjoy the Randomness

Inside Fancy toilet of big and fancy and good University,Find the odd one.

All-in-one auto sink. From the right comes water from the left soap. Combine water with soap when your hands are healed dry them off at the bottom hand blower. This is Japan.

Interestingly built houses. Looked like a butterfly yo yo to me. something like this

Blood orange drink. {the orange is just for show}. I always drink this 2 times a week. well I have to.

Merry Christmas everyone. Sorry I may be a little late. or little early

The end

save and do some alchemy

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Enlarge Images by clicking on them

If you click on the Images in my posts it will Enlarge. just notifying if anybody missed on it.

wondering where this picture came from

High school day in Japan Day 17 Rakugaki

A classmates modded desk
らくがき(Rakugaki) translates to doodle, graffiti or scribble I think. If you don't get it I'll explain it in a 1000 words.

Now who's hip and legs might these be?  ~_~  (special applause post to who gets it right.)

There Now you understand right?. わかりました(wakarimashita)Understood short version わかった(wakatta).
P.S since it's drawn in pencil easily erase it.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Japanese high school festival.

First a quick video tour of what happens. look closely and try to understand what Im saying XP

Monday, May 3, 2010

Sky pictures of Japan

I changed the name from "Good sky picture from 4th floor of school" to this "Sky picture's of Japan". a bit cheesy but it'll do for now.

I captured this reflection of the sky. It was a really calm day. I really like this. You could dive in to it but instead of going in you get reversed and fall out from the sky.

The night of this day it rained. So you could say that this is the gathering of clouds. This might be the Cirrocumulus type cloud which is around 18.000 feet in the air.

 After a day of heavy rain. Light always shines after storms.Was at high school. This could be a Cirrus cloud.??

Same day as above. but 20 minutes earlier I think. The bottom building is our Gym

The sun is setting now, thus the orange flavored cloud. Tis around 6:26 P.M. Night will very soon fall. Getting back home from school.. 夜(Yoru)=Night   昼(hiru)=noon,or day

満月(Mangetsu)=Full Moon. Hah Can't miss on a night with a Full Moon. Where is this from is secret. But the mirror image of the moon is actually a rice field that's in the making. Was a great night.

And Last but was First

This is right. the first was actually reversed hehe. But really this cloud is amazing. Almost looks like the sky is filled with water.
How many of you have I managed to trick? O_o

save and rest

Saturday, May 1, 2010

High school day in Japan Day: P.E status Check

We had this P..E status Check at school. A few tests of might for your body.
First is this thing that measures your gripping strength. Grip the handle as tight as you can and get judged. Mine was about 45.
Those who can grip 60+ are marked as Titan Grip

And here your flexibility is checked. Push the box as far as you can and then get judged. I was about 50cm my friend was 60cm
Those who can push 50 meters are marked as ゴム(gomu)=rubber man.

The tests of might isn't over yet. there are a few tests left to be checked outside on the {battle}Field. but currently it is raining so it's pause for the moment.
In the meanwhile enjoy this series of timeframes