Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking around random photos.

This is coffee cocoa...with bear in it. A new drink in the local conbini(convenience store). The bear is a very famous character here. Don't know the details but this bear is on everything from pillows to coffees and candys. For more conbini goods jump to this site which has more coverage conbini

The leaning tree of Tennoou park. Interesting trees that never fall.

 Sakura's are beautiful when they bloom and they are also good looking when they fall. Sakura's beautiful to the end.   {hehe}

I will try to capture more good picture of this event. Line(sen) of sakuras=(Sakura no sen)....

Ending the random photos with this. Car enthusiasts please name the car I have no Idea. The big red gate is called a Tori gate. You can find these gates near shrines. You don't have to pass through it to enter the shrine or temple grounds but going through it is exciting. These gates also have a lot of details and differences you should check them out on wiki right here.
I like these gates I might make one in front of my house some day..>


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