Wednesday, April 14, 2010

random photos


Lately been finding strange things at school. kinda creepy haha. Look carefully at this and deduct your own story of it. I would like to hear it too. ^_^


This is even more strange. (Hint-this day it was raining heavy). elementary my dear guests... elemtentary



  1. I've been browsing through your blog for a bit now, there are so many great pictures. You're on exchange in Nagoya, correct? I have four friends who will be going on exchange to Nagoya this year, I'll be in Sendai myself. Anyway, I just wanted to drop by and let you know that your blog has been a very interesting read. =)

  2. Great to hear that your enjoying my blog. I will update more and try to be informative until the very last day.

    Coming here with friends is very nice, I would like to come here with friends again someday.

  3. Ohh... looks creepy.

    Interesting indeed. Been following your blog for quite some time. Every post is interesting, find it worthy and informative to read.

    :) Keep it up.

  4. Hey Thanks.

    You just buffed me up.

    read on..