Friday, April 23, 2010

High school day in Japan Physical examination.

This happened a few days ago. After the New High school year starts shortly after every one has to give a physical examination of your growth and other statuses. I think it's a good idea to check your status and growth every year.
Sorry for the crappy captures, I noticed the quality later on. But just to give you an idea. Note: This is how things happened at my school and it might differ in other schools.

A hearing test. They play a number of beeps in different frequencies and if you can hear it you have to push the blue buzzer...or button. I heard Every beep so I guess that my ears are O.K.
{after that you they let you listen to super-ultra-heavy-metal-rock music on max volume to check your ear endurance}

Checking your growth or height. Of course no shoes allowed. And no high heel socks too.

Checking your weight in the back. And checking your sitting height in front. By sitting height I mean you sit down back straight and then get your height measured. They are measuring your body length to check if your  body is proportionate I think.

Introducing boys from the Basketball club. Praise their brave souls!!, Knowing I would put it on the web they let me capture a picture. Normally people always run away, cover their faces or uppercut me. Now this is how ReaL boYs should be like. GO basketball team.

And here is my final growth result.
Height: 181.1cm Weight: 74.5kg  Sitting Height: 92.3cm so the rest of my height is my legs.
They compare it to your last years measurements If you took the test. And know your growth from last year.. Hmm I've gained some major kg which is good for me.
We also had a vision test but I forgot capture a picture. And I pretty much failed the test.

If you is Tall or big, people might say that you are DEKAI(something like tall,huge, large, big). Whenever I get asked and say my height is 180cm they always say DEKAI! or DEKKA 


  1. That's really interesting. I remember doing something along those lines in elementary school. Well, the headphones and buzzer seem familiar...

    Do they do this all the way from elementary school?

  2. Hmmmm I think so yes. but not 100% sure though

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    Hmmmmm, golden psp

  5. How long does it takes to measure such a quite large number of students in that whole school?

  6. It's pretty fast paced and it took about 1 hour. Our school has about 600 students. I heard that some other schools have 3000 students :D

  7. I hear that in Japan its rare to see a "chubby" teen is that really true???

  8. @Alisha Fat students are rare. Chubby students...let's say you can find 2 or 3 in most classes.
    Chubby means not fat not thin in the middle with a bit of meat...right?

  9. I know you may no longer be in Japan, but did your physical include any blood tests or urine tests? Do you know if these are ever taken during physical examinations??

  10. wow, that's really amazing, that they do such things in high school, I remember my high school days, we didn't have that. Sounds cool! But on my university entrance, they made us do a urine and blood tests, plus weight and hight. That'a all... =3
    Hey, if I may add, the boy in the basketball pic, on the right with the V sign , he is soo cute <3! beautiiful pic!

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