Wednesday, April 7, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 9

New Title name. The old title name might have been a bit confusing.

Finally school(gakkou) has started. To me it is a good thing for others... so so. As you all know the school year ends in march and a new game begins in April {watch out for new game+}. I think All schools in Japan have a Sakura tree like this right at the Front gate.

I was expecting some students, running in thinking they're late while holding on to a slice of bread with jam ... but everything was calm.
Today's weather decreased my mood from Spirited to Average. And it also decreased my courage Stat -5.

All the previous 3rd graders(12th grade) have graduated. The former 2nd grade(11th grade) have become 3rd grade and the former 1st grade(10th grade) have become 2nd grade and New students will become the new 1st grade. That's the system
Almost 80% of the installed 1st graders are boys T_T Why?(Naze?=Doushite?). And also 11 new teachers joined.

This is the new schedule.
From Monday to Wednesday is:
1st line-Morning reading or something, It's a new add-on. I think you read books.
2nd- Starting Homeroom It's a time period were the teacher checks numbers and tell news
3rd- 1st class
4th- 2nd class
5th- 3rd class
6th- 4th class
7th- Lunch break. The time were I take my photos. and walk all around the school checking for suitable comrades
8th-5th class
9th-6th class
10th- Ending homeroom. Were teacher tell news about the coming dawn.
11th- Go Home!(kaere!) classes all end here. from here the options are go home, do club activities, mess around, increase social link with friend, play psp, sleep.
I do strictly business though.

Save and fanta break

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