Thursday, April 29, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 16

This time we had rounds of volleyball TDM. Loser team get's to clean the gym. We won in the end. Couldn't capture fully but if you pay attention there are a few funny things. can you spot them. the girls are playing dodgeball in the background ehehehe.

The ground outside is still wet and soggy so currently it's all inside.

Part I

part II

exchange student in japan


  1. (MManiac)

    makes me think i should've taken regular gym class instead of gymnastic.

    gymnastic is very frustrating and boring for me. It maybe because sit around and do nothing ,heh

  2. why did you pick gymnastics in the first place haha.

    @Manda please wait will answer shortly

  3. is this still active? anyways nice blog and vids. I've been watching your vids in youtube. It was really nice that you recorded your stay there. I wish I got to experience to be an exchange student. Hahaha What's the name of your school? If you don't mind.