Thursday, April 22, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 13

 Today we had some heavy rain again. Although yesterday we had perfect clear sky. You sleep, you get up and heavy rain that's how random the weather is here in Japan.

 Our squishy school ground. the soccer club is done for today NOT. They weight lift and buff up when it's a rainy day. When you join a club here you can't do it half-hearted you would really have to commit to it Be it rain you'll still practice.

Anti-rain rods(ARR) . Very important tool here. Two of the bunch are mine can you guess? haha. We also have these ARR stands in every classroom. If you saw my Japanese high school classroom tour video you should have seen it.


I was a bit shocked when I was about to use my usual toilet. This was inside it. I couldn't insult it  or just flush it away, So I left it and and used a different toilet this time. I wonder where the poor guy fell from.

Science class. Doing an experiment. We were distracting salt from normal (can't say in english but the sauce that you dip your sushi in), really got smelly through the experiment like burnt caramel or syrup, a sweet but stomach aching smell.

And tonight we had hippo.  One  of the children. She always brings along funny stuffed animals hehe. She calls the cat sitting on her head Debu(a kind of slang for "fat")+neko(cat)= fat cat. A fitting name I must say. {I wonder if it talks? O_o}

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