Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 12

One normal day in my japanese high school in 3 Timeframes
.Now is Lunch break see what we do.  見なさい(Minasai)= Look/Watch!! in an ordering tone.

The lunch break in Japanese high schools is pretty long 50 minutes. And after eating your bento(japanese style lunch) you have me free time(gold) on your hands. We do all kinds of things, for example practicing his guitar(he's in the music club AKA K-on), And I take pictures and walk around school others play, study...etc.  {nice is mine!!}

Now is After school cleaning. See our weapons. They're multipurpose brooms by the way.

Now is after school conbini(convenience store) visit whilst going home. See what we eat.
{I finally found the Ice cream that they eat in kingdom hearts II..well it looks like it anyways here}

ok that's a wrap in 3 Timeframes.

hope you like


  1. I wish i could go to school in japan too! >w< but my japanese is still pretty bad ;A; keep posting! :D がんばって!

  2. 勝手に写真のせるなよーーw