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Thursday, April 15, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 11

This time I took a short video showing my classroom battle stage . High school classrooms are mostly the same with other high schools with slight differences. Ok the video should explain itself so here.
Made it before the school bus

Agh. I hate my crappy narrating and speaking. can't talk freely for some reason



  1. Nice classroom, reminds me of my old 77th highschool room. (but then they all look the same lol)

  2. can you post a video with your whole school? Im interested with it. because I think I want to go in japan live with my dad and study :)

  3. @Anonymous (God! Blogger needs a new comment system)
    I'm sorry to say but, I'm no longer an exchange student. I'm now a "to be" college student. If you like Japan then go for it. By the way are a high school student?.

  4. HAHA!! im sorry. im just requesting a video :)
    you are graduating soon?
    i like japan ofcourse! im half! yes im high school student :)