Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day in Japan play: 4 Sakura(桜) report 1

Finally I get to see Sakura in full bloom.In a city called Yatomi, This road was full of Sakura you could walk for around 3 hours and still see Sakura. Was a beautiful sight really gave me the feeling of spring. Is this considered as Synesthesia?.

There was also a little Sakura matsuri(festival) going on which I forgot to capture XP

People enjoying the time. It was a great day except for powerful wind gusts.


Yatomi city is said to be famous for goldfish, so in the festival they had a number of different goldfish for sale. Quite pricey they are, 3000-20000 yen which is 30-200$ I think.

These are the best Sakura's I've seen so person. There's bamboo in the back.


A Close up. I noticed that Sakura flowers grow in round groups making it look like pom poms .


I'd like to draw this tree.. The people living in this neighborhood is kinda lucky with so many Sakura near them


Here is the best part Sakura's go all the way. This is a perfect setting hehe.


When I'm capturing photos I sometimes ecounter high level photographers with their big cameras with long barrel lenses taking pictures like the person in this picture....... and then I look at my camera

It kinda feels like this.... haha


I don't know how I got in a yellowish color....? what interested me is the branch in the middle.


Every Japanese people likes Sakuras. And I think that Sakura is the reason that everything starts in April here in Japan. Schools, University's, spring, they all start in April.


No wonder Sakura is a symbolic flower it was really beautiful seeing this many up close. It wasn't packed with people which made it really nice.


I could really sleep under this if the ground wasn't concrete.... I'd like to come here again with friends

On some higher ground. Right around here if you go straight ahead in Mach5 you will soon hit Tokyo.

Sakura flowers first bloom and then the leaves grow after. So the Sakura flowers don't last long in about a week or so the flowers will all fall and it will become a normal green tree in summer. So Sakura watching is really a once in a Year occasion is what I thought.

save and out.

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