Thursday, April 29, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 16

This time we had rounds of volleyball TDM. Loser team get's to clean the gym. We won in the end. Couldn't capture fully but if you pay attention there are a few funny things. can you spot them. the girls are playing dodgeball in the background ehehehe.

The ground outside is still wet and soggy so currently it's all inside.

Part I

part II

exchange student in japan

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 15

A battle of badminton until the bell ring. The blasted ball is hard to see when it's falling from above. And the bright lights were not helping. I couldn't see the ball very well overall.  I was playing mostly with my sub conscious mind and body reflexes.

*(in a musical tone) What's the name of the game...*

Yes I am the black sheep.

Monday, April 26, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 14

Waking up some pigeons that live on our roof. We are bad boys. We do this once in a while hehe. This was captured after school I chose the option to hang out with friend.

P.S We did not kill the pigeon.

Hato is pigeon in Japanese.


Sunday, April 25, 2010

High school day in Japan Lazy afternoon

A lazy Saturday afternoon at school. just took a video.nothing in particular really. We had a PTA (parent teacher association) event.  I will post a different post about it afterwards

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Future technology's and concepts.

I want to share these videos with every one. When you see these kinds of videos you kinda think what the future holds. I hope we'll be able to talk to animals.
We try to mold the future to our will by making future plans and stuff, but at any point of your plan there is always a possibility that future can drop 1 ton on you or opposite of that make you fly.....just my thought really.

Amazing.= Sugoi!

This is One of the reasons why I like Japan.

If we say that nothing is forever, Then How far can we go?.

save and imagine

Friday, April 23, 2010

High school day in Japan Physical examination.

This happened a few days ago. After the New High school year starts shortly after every one has to give a physical examination of your growth and other statuses. I think it's a good idea to check your status and growth every year.
Sorry for the crappy captures, I noticed the quality later on. But just to give you an idea. Note: This is how things happened at my school and it might differ in other schools.

A hearing test. They play a number of beeps in different frequencies and if you can hear it you have to push the blue buzzer...or button. I heard Every beep so I guess that my ears are O.K.
{after that you they let you listen to super-ultra-heavy-metal-rock music on max volume to check your ear endurance}

Checking your growth or height. Of course no shoes allowed. And no high heel socks too.

Checking your weight in the back. And checking your sitting height in front. By sitting height I mean you sit down back straight and then get your height measured. They are measuring your body length to check if your  body is proportionate I think.

Introducing boys from the Basketball club. Praise their brave souls!!, Knowing I would put it on the web they let me capture a picture. Normally people always run away, cover their faces or uppercut me. Now this is how ReaL boYs should be like. GO basketball team.

And here is my final growth result.
Height: 181.1cm Weight: 74.5kg  Sitting Height: 92.3cm so the rest of my height is my legs.
They compare it to your last years measurements If you took the test. And know your growth from last year.. Hmm I've gained some major kg which is good for me.
We also had a vision test but I forgot capture a picture. And I pretty much failed the test.

If you is Tall or big, people might say that you are DEKAI(something like tall,huge, large, big). Whenever I get asked and say my height is 180cm they always say DEKAI! or DEKKA 

Thursday, April 22, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 13

 Today we had some heavy rain again. Although yesterday we had perfect clear sky. You sleep, you get up and heavy rain that's how random the weather is here in Japan.

 Our squishy school ground. the soccer club is done for today NOT. They weight lift and buff up when it's a rainy day. When you join a club here you can't do it half-hearted you would really have to commit to it Be it rain you'll still practice.

Anti-rain rods(ARR) . Very important tool here. Two of the bunch are mine can you guess? haha. We also have these ARR stands in every classroom. If you saw my Japanese high school classroom tour video you should have seen it.


I was a bit shocked when I was about to use my usual toilet. This was inside it. I couldn't insult it  or just flush it away, So I left it and and used a different toilet this time. I wonder where the poor guy fell from.

Science class. Doing an experiment. We were distracting salt from normal (can't say in english but the sauce that you dip your sushi in), really got smelly through the experiment like burnt caramel or syrup, a sweet but stomach aching smell.

And tonight we had hippo.  One  of the children. She always brings along funny stuffed animals hehe. She calls the cat sitting on her head Debu(a kind of slang for "fat")+neko(cat)= fat cat. A fitting name I must say. {I wonder if it talks? O_o}

save and rest

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 12

One normal day in my japanese high school in 3 Timeframes
.Now is Lunch break see what we do.  見なさい(Minasai)= Look/Watch!! in an ordering tone.

The lunch break in Japanese high schools is pretty long 50 minutes. And after eating your bento(japanese style lunch) you have me free time(gold) on your hands. We do all kinds of things, for example practicing his guitar(he's in the music club AKA K-on), And I take pictures and walk around school others play, study...etc.  {nice is mine!!}

Now is After school cleaning. See our weapons. They're multipurpose brooms by the way.

Now is after school conbini(convenience store) visit whilst going home. See what we eat.
{I finally found the Ice cream that they eat in kingdom hearts II..well it looks like it anyways here}

ok that's a wrap in 3 Timeframes.

hope you like

Monday, April 19, 2010

Good sky shots from school dai 3

Here we go

Got only one this time......But

At this angle it is another picture.
Up is down
Down is up. Cloud is ground and ground is cloud


Thursday, April 15, 2010

High school day in Japan Day 11

This time I took a short video showing my classroom battle stage . High school classrooms are mostly the same with other high schools with slight differences. Ok the video should explain itself so here.
Made it before the school bus

Agh. I hate my crappy narrating and speaking. can't talk freely for some reason


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

random photos


Lately been finding strange things at school. kinda creepy haha. Look carefully at this and deduct your own story of it. I would like to hear it too. ^_^


This is even more strange. (Hint-this day it was raining heavy). elementary my dear guests... elemtentary


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Walking around random photos.

This is coffee cocoa...with bear in it. A new drink in the local conbini(convenience store). The bear is a very famous character here. Don't know the details but this bear is on everything from pillows to coffees and candys. For more conbini goods jump to this site which has more coverage conbini

The leaning tree of Tennoou park. Interesting trees that never fall.

 Sakura's are beautiful when they bloom and they are also good looking when they fall. Sakura's beautiful to the end.   {hehe}

I will try to capture more good picture of this event. Line(sen) of sakuras=(Sakura no sen)....

Ending the random photos with this. Car enthusiasts please name the car I have no Idea. The big red gate is called a Tori gate. You can find these gates near shrines. You don't have to pass through it to enter the shrine or temple grounds but going through it is exciting. These gates also have a lot of details and differences you should check them out on wiki right here.
I like these gates I might make one in front of my house some day..>


Saturday, April 10, 2010

Day in Japan play: 5 dvd rental store

Went to a DVD rental store called GEO and returned my previous DVD and rented a new dvd. And thought why not make a video. Enjoy please.
Talking in English aloud in public was kinda hard for me so I was really holding my self, thus the low volume and slow talking sorry. I'll get used to speaking normally eventually ^_^


High school day in Japan Day 10

We had a photo montage of the whole class this isn't my class it's our neighbor class. I think in highschools they always take a photo montage at the beginning of a new school year. I don't like the background image that much though.

This was our turn. The flash on that thing was powerful.

After the big picture it's one by one in numerical order which I happen to be 34. {but i always say i'm number 0}

Not much to say here I'll later update on how the picture was and share.

** Due to privacy whatcha-ma-call-its I had to stamp people faces This is becoming a problem of late I can't upload videos and stuff **


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Good news Lv2

News everyone. One of my friends switched to an iPhone (I recommended it). And he will be sponsoring me. Now I can broadcast Live with Ustream from school or where ever I am with him.
I recommend people to follow my twitter to know when I'm live.
I'm thinking of giving a tour of my school later. I'm taking reQuests if It's not high level.

My name on Ustream is Munkhjapan

High school day in Japan Day 9

New Title name. The old title name might have been a bit confusing.

Finally school(gakkou) has started. To me it is a good thing for others... so so. As you all know the school year ends in march and a new game begins in April {watch out for new game+}. I think All schools in Japan have a Sakura tree like this right at the Front gate.

I was expecting some students, running in thinking they're late while holding on to a slice of bread with jam ... but everything was calm.
Today's weather decreased my mood from Spirited to Average. And it also decreased my courage Stat -5.

All the previous 3rd graders(12th grade) have graduated. The former 2nd grade(11th grade) have become 3rd grade and the former 1st grade(10th grade) have become 2nd grade and New students will become the new 1st grade. That's the system
Almost 80% of the installed 1st graders are boys T_T Why?(Naze?=Doushite?). And also 11 new teachers joined.

This is the new schedule.
From Monday to Wednesday is:
1st line-Morning reading or something, It's a new add-on. I think you read books.
2nd- Starting Homeroom It's a time period were the teacher checks numbers and tell news
3rd- 1st class
4th- 2nd class
5th- 3rd class
6th- 4th class
7th- Lunch break. The time were I take my photos. and walk all around the school checking for suitable comrades
8th-5th class
9th-6th class
10th- Ending homeroom. Were teacher tell news about the coming dawn.
11th- Go Home!(kaere!) classes all end here. from here the options are go home, do club activities, mess around, increase social link with friend, play psp, sleep.
I do strictly business though.

Save and fanta break

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Good news


Good News everyone School is starting as of April 7th or today. by this posts date. So Heads up

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Day in Japan play: 4 Sakura(桜) report 1

Finally I get to see Sakura in full bloom.In a city called Yatomi, This road was full of Sakura you could walk for around 3 hours and still see Sakura. Was a beautiful sight really gave me the feeling of spring. Is this considered as Synesthesia?.

There was also a little Sakura matsuri(festival) going on which I forgot to capture XP

People enjoying the time. It was a great day except for powerful wind gusts.


Yatomi city is said to be famous for goldfish, so in the festival they had a number of different goldfish for sale. Quite pricey they are, 3000-20000 yen which is 30-200$ I think.

These are the best Sakura's I've seen so person. There's bamboo in the back.


A Close up. I noticed that Sakura flowers grow in round groups making it look like pom poms .


I'd like to draw this tree.. The people living in this neighborhood is kinda lucky with so many Sakura near them


Here is the best part Sakura's go all the way. This is a perfect setting hehe.


When I'm capturing photos I sometimes ecounter high level photographers with their big cameras with long barrel lenses taking pictures like the person in this picture....... and then I look at my camera

It kinda feels like this.... haha


I don't know how I got in a yellowish color....? what interested me is the branch in the middle.


Every Japanese people likes Sakuras. And I think that Sakura is the reason that everything starts in April here in Japan. Schools, University's, spring, they all start in April.


No wonder Sakura is a symbolic flower it was really beautiful seeing this many up close. It wasn't packed with people which made it really nice.


I could really sleep under this if the ground wasn't concrete.... I'd like to come here again with friends

On some higher ground. Right around here if you go straight ahead in Mach5 you will soon hit Tokyo.

Sakura flowers first bloom and then the leaves grow after. So the Sakura flowers don't last long in about a week or so the flowers will all fall and it will become a normal green tree in summer. So Sakura watching is really a once in a Year occasion is what I thought.

save and out.

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm part of a magazine cover

If you remember my mochi nage post which is here click , There were cameramen capturing a bunch of photos . And this photo made the cover of the public information magazine of Aisai-city. and apparently I was right in the middle.A hippo fellow showed and gave me the magazine

Above me is an incoming mochi-bombL. That one's MINE.. If you look careful at the video you will see exactly this frame happening.
If you go out and do something you never know what will happen eh?