Monday, March 29, 2010

High school day in Japan : 9 School Parade

This happened back in February bit old. All the private schools in Aichi prefecture gathered for a big parade, but the going against something, kinda like a parade.
And that something is, my explanation maybe a little off but here I go~:

In Japan Public high schools are not free, but the cost is low compared to Private high schools which maybe 2 or 3< times the cost. But the Government of Japan supports parents by reducing the cost of Education {cost down name I came up with}, So Public high school costs become really low and Private high school costs also get lower but still leaves it high. The Government of Prefectures respectively also cost downs the cost of Education, in this case Aichi-ken=(prefecture). And the something is: The Government of Japan is increasing the funds on Cost down. So Private and Public schools become more affordable. But the problem is because of this Aichi prefecture is going to lower or pull back its cost down fund on Private high schools so not much change in Private high school costs. Thus all the private high schools do a parade to stop this. There you have it. I have video coverage. Got really cold with armor piercing wind gusts later. (get the music?)

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